Welcome to the Division of Science Newsletter

Dear friends, colleagues and alumni of the Division of Science,

jw-img190This is the inaugural edition of what will be a biannual e-Newsletter that brings you news of the Division and the people in it, together with the most recent scientific results and discoveries from the laboratories and research groups.

The overarching piece of news, of course, is the award of the Kavli prize in neuroscience to Eve Marder. This is a hugely prestigious award and you can read about Eve’s long series of scientific discoveries and breakthroughs in this article written by Maria Genco, a graduate student in neuroscience who works in Professor Leslie Griffith’s lab.

Space only permits us to profile a very small number of faculty and their research in each edition. But if you scroll down, you will find links to each department in the division, which will lead you to the webpages of every faculty member and every research group.

I hope you enjoy this newsletter and learning about the important and exciting research being carried out across the Division. I welcome your feedback and suggestions (send to wardle@brandeis.edu). Any by all means forward it to colleagues and others who might liketo see it, and invite them to subscribe.

Best wishes,
John Wardle,
Professor of Astrophysics, and
Head, Division of Science