Grants & Awards – Winter 2017

  • Bruce Goode, “Mechanisms of Actin Filament Network Remodeling and Disassembly”
  • Leslie Griffith, “P01: MicroRNA-Dependent Regulation of Synaptic and Behavioral Plasticity in Drosphila: Project 2: Regulation of Sleep by microRNAs”
  • Lizbeth Hedstrom, “IMPDH Inhibitors for the Treatment of Cryptosporidium Infections”
  • John Lisman, “Thalamic Mechanisms for Generating Abnormal Low Frequency Oscillations Relevant to Schizophrenia”
  • John Lisman, “Treatment Strategies Based on Enhancing Dopamine Release from Noradregenic Axons”
  • Susan Lovett, “Replication Fork Repair”
  • Eve Marder, “Undergraduate and Graduate Training in Computational Neuroscience”
  • Eve Marder, “Neuromodulation and Robustness of Neurons and Networks”
  • Michael Marr, “The Role of the FOXO Pathway in the Control of Transposons in Aging”
Computer Science
  • James Pustejovsky, “Transatlantic Cooperation Between LAPPS and CLARIN: Semantic, Technical and Infrastructural Interoperability of Services” (Andrew W. Mellon Foundation)
  • Ruth Charney, “Automorphism Groups and Morse Boundaries” (National Science Foundation)
  • Keith Merrill, “Tools to Support Anonymization” (Purdue University, National Oceanographic Atmospheric Administration)
  • James Bensinger, “ATLAS Phase II & C,” (Brookhaven National Laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy)
  • Zvonimir Dogic, “Self Assembly Based on Colloidal Membranes,” (National Science Foundation)
  • Angela Gutchess, “Mechanisms Supporting Prioritized Memory for Self-Relevant and Emotional Information with Age,” (Boston College, National Institutes of Health)
  • Shantanu Jadhav, “Dissecting the Role of Network Activity Patterns in Cognition,” (The Whitehall Foundation)
  • Margie Lachman, “Integrative Pathways to Health and Illness – Project1: Early Warning-Retention,” (University of Wisconsin, National Institutes of Health)