Through courses, research and applied experience, the Psychology undergraduate can explore questions like these. The focus of the Psychology department is on basic scientific research and emphasizes a high level of undergraduate involvement. The faculty conducts research in diverse areas including cognitive science, health and well-being, spatial orientation, sensation, perception, memory, life-span development and aging, the effects of brain damage and many other areas.

After Brandeis

Given the broad training in quantitative and research skills, psychology students from Brandeis are sought after in a wide range of professional areas including marketing and consulting, government and public policy, and social and mental health services. Many graduates go on to graduate school in law, business, education, medicine, public health, speech pathology, social work, and psychology.

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Graduate Degrees in Neuroscience

The Computer Science Undergraduate Program

The Physics Undergraduate Program


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Graduate Degrees – Biochemistry & Biophysics

The Chemistry Undergraduate Program

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More information about the Chemistry program at Brandeis is available.

The Mathematics Undergraduate Program

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The Biological Physics Undergraduate Program

The Biochemistry Undergraduate Program


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Graduate Degrees – Molecular & Cell Biology

The Psychology Undergraduate Program

Psychology Undergraduate Program

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The Neuroscience Undergraduate Program

Neuroscience Undergraduate Program

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Undergraduate Degrees in the Division of Science

Graduate Degrees in the Division of Science

The Biology Undergraduate Program

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