The physics major at Brandeis offers students an opportunity to either prepare for graduate studies or employment in a variety of technical fields. The program is strongly based on a first-rate research program. The Physics faculty gives students an opportunity to participate in research in areas including astrophysics and cosmology, biological physics, condensed matter physics, high-energy particle physics, and many other areas.


The Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Physics is a rigorous program designed for students intending to pursue graduate work in physics or engineering. The Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Physics is intended for students who are not planning to pursue graduate studies in physics. The BA degree will provide a solid grounding in physics and science and is ideal for students planning careers in k-12 science education, economics, science journalism, etc.

After Brandeis

While the majority of Physics undergraduates go on to prestigious graduate schools, some graduates find employment in a wide variety of private- and public-sector jobs.


The Martin A. Fisher School of Physics has been recognized for its research excellence. Two faculty members have been elected to the National Academy of Sciences, and three are fellows of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

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Graduate Degrees in Neuroscience

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The Physics Undergraduate Program


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Graduate Degrees – Biochemistry & Biophysics

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The Mathematics Undergraduate Program

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Undergraduate Degrees in the Division of Science

Graduate Degrees in the Division of Science

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