Undergraduate students entering the Neuroscience Program at Brandeis have opportunities to study these and many more brain-related questions. The major is an interdisciplinary program studying the neural mechanisms that control human or animal behavior. The major combines a foundation in basic science with more specialized courses in biology and psychology.

The program is appropriate for students wishing to pursue further study in medicine, experimental psychology, or neuroscience.

Degree options in the Neuroscience Major

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree is designed for provide students with a general background in neuroscience. The Bachelor of Science (BS) degree is an intensive neuroscience option designed to provide student with a strong background in neuroscience and associated areas. Additionally, there is a BS/MS option for the motivated undergraduate.

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Graduate Degrees in Neuroscience

The Computer Science Undergraduate Program

The Physics Undergraduate Program


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Graduate Degrees – Biochemistry & Biophysics

The Chemistry Undergraduate Program

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The Mathematics Undergraduate Program

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The Biological Physics Undergraduate Program

The Biochemistry Undergraduate Program


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Graduate Degrees – Molecular & Cell Biology

The Psychology Undergraduate Program

Psychology Undergraduate Program

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The Neuroscience Undergraduate Program

Neuroscience Undergraduate Program

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Undergraduate Degrees in the Division of Science

Graduate Degrees in the Division of Science

The Biology Undergraduate Program

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