Computer Science

The undergraduate program in computer science teaches the theoretical fundamentals and practical aspects of computer, preparing students for creative jobs in the computer industry and/or for graduate school. Additionally, the computer science curriculum is a useful preparation for a variety of indirectly related professions, such as law, medicine and economics.

Degree Options

The BA in Computer Science is designed for students who are interested in entering the work force in Computer Science, possibly after getting an MS, but are not strongly considering continuing on in a PhD program. Students who wish to pursue a more rigorous track are urged to consider the BS in Computer Science. We also encourage students that are completing a BA in Computer Science to consider completing a second major or minor.

The BS in Computer Science is designed for students who are considering a career in Computer Science research either by pursuing a doctorate or by working at a Computer Science research lab.

The Combined BA/MS program is designed for Brandeis undergraduates who are interested in taking additional Computer Science courses their senior year and completing an MS the year after they obtain their undergraduate degree.