For undergraduates, the biochemistry major equips students with a broad understanding of the chemical and molecular basis of biological processes. Students gain the necessary background in chemistry (organic, inorganic and physical chemistry), biology (molecular and cellular biology, and genetics), and physics as well as the basics of biochemistry.

The department offers introductory and advanced courses in specialized topics such as neurobiology, X-ray crystallography, electron microscopy, biological Nmr and enzyme mechanisms. A typical schedule includes coursework and lab experiences in these areas.

What a Biochemistry degree from Brandeis prepares you for

The Biochemistry major provides its undergraduates with a foundation for careers in medicine, the pharmaceutical industry, patent law, science writing and teaching, biotechnology and graduate research in all branches of the biological sciences.


Most biochemistry majors do independent research in the laboratory of a Brandeis faculty member. Many write honors research theses based on their work. Biochemistry undergraduate students frequently co-author important scientific publications.

Degrees offered

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Graduate Degrees in Neuroscience

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The Physics Undergraduate Program


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Graduate Degrees – Biochemistry & Biophysics

The Chemistry Undergraduate Program

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The Mathematics Undergraduate Program

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The Biological Physics Undergraduate Program

The Biochemistry Undergraduate Program


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Graduate Degrees – Molecular & Cell Biology

The Psychology Undergraduate Program

Psychology Undergraduate Program

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The Neuroscience Undergraduate Program

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Undergraduate Degrees in the Division of Science

Graduate Degrees in the Division of Science

The Biology Undergraduate Program

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