Undergraduate Publications – 2006

Names of undergraduate students from Brandeis are indicated below in bold face.

  1. Zadek B, Nimigean CM. Calcium-dependent gating of MthK, a prokaryotic potassium channel. J Gen Physiol. 2006;127(6):673-85. [full text in PubMed Central]
  2. Wang Y, Fontanini A, Katz DB. Temporary basolateral amygdala lesions disrupt acquisition of socially transmitted food preferences in rats. Learn Mem. 2006;13(6):794-800.
  3. Sugino K, Hempel CM, Miller MN, Hattox AM, Shapiro P, Wu C, Huang ZJ, Nelson SB. Molecular taxonomy of major neuronal classes in the adult mouse forebrain. Nat Neurosci. 2006;9(1):99-107.
  4. Shackelford D, Kenific C, Blusztajn A, Waxman S, Ren R. Targeted degradation of the AML1/MDS1/EVI1 oncoprotein by arsenic trioxide. Cancer Res. 2006;66(23):11360-9.
  5. Sanchez JA, Abramowitz JD, Salk JJ, Reis AH, Jr., Rice JE, Pierce KE, et al. Two-temperature LATE-PCR endpoint genotyping. BMC Biotechnol. 2006;6:44.
  6. Salk JJ, Sanchez JA, Pierce KE, Rice JE, Soares KC, Wangh LJ. Direct amplification of single-stranded DNA for pyrosequencing using linear-after-the-exponential (LATE)-PCR. Anal Biochem. 2006;353(1):124-32.
  7. Okada K, Ravi H, Smith EM, Goode BL. Aip1 and Cofilin Promote Rapid Turnover of Yeast Actin Patches and Cables: A Coordinated Mechanism for Severing and Capping Filaments. Mol Biol Cell. 2006.
  8. Kuhlman A, Little D, Sekuler R. An interactive test of serial behavior: age and practice alter executive function. J Clin Exp Neuropsychol. 2006;28(1):126-44.
  9. Ju T, Goldsmith RB, Chai SC, Maroney MJ, Pochapsky SS, Pochapsky TC. One protein, two enzymes revisited: a structural entropy switch interconverts the two isoforms of acireductone dioxygenase. J Mol Biol. 2006;363(4):823-34.
  10. Goldfless SJ, Morag AS, Belisle KA, Sutera VA, Jr., Lovett ST. DNA Repeat Rearrangements Mediated by DnaK-Dependent Replication Fork Repair. Mol Cell. 2006;21(5):595-604.
  11. Dutra BE, Lovett ST. Cis and trans-acting effects on a mutational hotspot involving a replication template switch. J Mol Biol. 2006;356(2):300-11.
  12. Bloustine J, Virmani T, Thurston GM, Fraden S. Light scattering and phase behavior of lysozyme-poly(ethylene glycol) mixtures. Phys Rev Lett. 2006;96(8):087803.
  13. Oberdorf R, Ferguson A, Jacobsen JL, Kondev J. Secondary structures in long compact polymers. Phys Rev E Stat Nonlin Soft Matter Phys. 2006;74(5 Pt 1):051801
  14. Giri R, Wasa M, Breazzano SP, Yu JQ. Converting gem-dimethyl groups into cyclopropanes via Pd-catalyzed sequential C-H activation and radical cyclization. Org Lett. 2006;8(25):5685-8.
  15. Sederberg PB, Gauthier LV, Terushkin V, Miller JF, Barnathan JA, Kahana MJ. Oscillatory correlates of the primacy effect in episodic memory. Neuroimage. 2006;32(3):1422-31.

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