Brandeis University is a liberal arts university with a world-class research institution inside it. There are from 250 to 300 students pursuing Ph.D. degrees and between 100 to 150 Master’s degree students in the Division of Science programs and departments at Brandeis.

Throughout the division’s programs, students are trained to do research with an emphasis placed upon laboratory experience.

Scholarships, financial aid and in some programs, stipends are available. Please refer to each particular program of interest for financial details.

Applying to Brandeis

Ready to apply to a either a Master’s or Ph.D. program at Brandeis? All applications are processed through the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

Application deadlines vary by program and degree type, so please refer to the website for each program that you are interested in.

Apply to the Program

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Graduate Degrees in Neuroscience

The Computer Science Undergraduate Program

The Physics Undergraduate Program


Learn more about the undergraduate program in Physics.

Graduate Degrees – Biochemistry & Biophysics

The Chemistry Undergraduate Program

learn more

More information about the Chemistry program at Brandeis is available.

The Mathematics Undergraduate Program

learn more

Learn more about the undergraduate program in Mathematics.

The Biological Physics Undergraduate Program

The Biochemistry Undergraduate Program


Learn more about the Biochemistry Undergraduate program.

Graduate Degrees – Molecular & Cell Biology

The Psychology Undergraduate Program

Psychology Undergraduate Program

Learn more about the Psychology Undergraduate program.

The Neuroscience Undergraduate Program

Neuroscience Undergraduate Program

Learn more about the Neuroscience undergraduate program.

Undergraduate Degrees in the Division of Science

Graduate Degrees in the Division of Science

The Biology Undergraduate Program

undergraduate Biology major

Learn more about the Biology undergraduate program.

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