Mark Adler
Mark A. Adler
Professor of Mathematics
Analysis, differential equations; completely integrable systems

Richard Alterman
Richard Alterman
Professor of Computer Science
Cognitive engineering; Educational technology; Computer Supported Cooperation; Learning sciences.

Peter Anick
Lecturer in Language and Linguistics
Computational linguistics, lexical semantics, knowledge representation, terminology and semantic role/relation extraction, machine learning

Aparna Baskaran
Associate Professor of Physics
Out-of-equilibrium properties of soft materialsPhysics of biological systems.

Joël Bellaïche
Professor of Mathematics
Number Theory

James R. Bensinger
Professor of Physics
High-energy physics

Olivier Bernardi
Olivier Bernardi
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Combinatorics and probability

Craig Blocker
Craig A. Blocker
Professor of Physics
High-energy physics

Susan BirrenSusan Birren
Dean of Arts and Science, Professor of Neurobiology
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Developmental Neurobiology

Corey Bregman
Instructor in Mathematics
Geometric group theory and Kähler groups

Ruth CharneyRuth Charney
Theodore and Evelyn G. Berenson Chair in Mathematics
Geometric group theory, topology

cherniack100Mitch Cherniack
Associate Professor of Computer Science
Databases and Systems supporting the management of “Big Data”. Software engineering.

Joseph Cunningham
Joseph Cunningham
Professor of Psychology
Clinical and developmental psychology, nonverbal communication, emotional development; gender differences

Maria MiaraMaria de Boef Miara
Lecturer in Biology
Comparative Anatomy, Evolution, Physiology, Biomechanics

Li Deng
Orrie Friedman Distinguished Professor of Chemistry
Asymmetric catalysis and asymmetric synthesis. Solid phase synthesis and combinatorial chemistry. Chiral recognition. Chemical approaches towards understanding protein functions.

Stanley DeserStanley Deser
Professor Emeritus of Physics
Quantum theory of fields. Elementary particles. Gravitation. Supergravity. Strings.

David DeRosier
Professor Emeritus of Biology
Abraham S. & Gertrude Burg Chair of Life Sciences
Super-resolution light microscopy and the structure of the synapse.

diLillo100Antonella DiLillo
Associate Professor of Computer Science
Visual pattern recognition. Content-based image retrieval. Image processing and analysis. Computer Vision.

Paul DiZio
Associate Professor of Psychology
Human spatial orientation and motor control

Zvonimir Dogic
Visiting Associate Professor of Physics
Soft condensed matter physics. Biological physics.

dolnik100Milos Dolnik
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Oscillating chemical reations and pattern formation in reaction-diffusion systems.

Irving Epstein
Henry F. Fischbach Professor of Chemistry,HHMI Professor
Nonlinear chemical dynamics. Mathematical modeling of biochemical kinetics and neural systems.

Bruce FoxmanBruce Foxman
Professor of Chemistry
X-ray structure determination, coordination polymers, chemical, physical, and crystallographic studies of solid-state reactions

Seth Fraden
Professor of Physics
Macromolecules in suspension. Physics of protein crystallization. Microfluidics.

Chandler Fulton
Professor Emeritus of Biology
Cell differentiation and cell death

Paul Garrity
Professor of Biology
Neural development and behavior

Jeff Gelles
Aron and Imre Tauber Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology
Mechanisms of mechanoenzymes. Stochastic processes in single-enzyme molecules.

Ira GesselIra M. Gessel
Professor Emeritus of Mathematics

Lotus GoldbergLotus Goldberg
Associate Professor of Language and Linguistics
Linguistics–specifically theoretical generative syntax and the syntax-semantics interface.

Bruce Goode
Professor of Biology
Biochemistry and genetics of yeast cytoskeleton

Leslie Griffith
Nancy Lurie Marks Professor of Neuroscience and Director, Volen National Center for Complex Systems
Biochemistry of synaptic plasticity

Marcus T. Grisaru
Professor Emeritus of Physics
Elementary particle theory and quantum gravity

Angela Gutchess
Associate Professor of Psychology
Life-span development. Culture, aging, and memory

gutsell100Jennifer Gutsell
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Social and Affective Neuroscience; Cross-group Resonance; Emotion and Self-control; Empathy and Environmentalism

James Haber
Abraham and Etta Goodman Professor of Biology and
Director, Rosenstiel BMSR Center
Genetics and molecular biology of yeast meiotic and mitotic recombination.

Michael Hagan
Professor of Physics and of Quantitative Biology
Computation and theory in biological physics

Jeffrey Hall
Professor Emeritus of Biology
Drosophila Neurogenetics

K.C. Hayes
Professor Emeritus of Biology
Comparative nutritional pathophysiology in man and animals.

Matthew Headrick
Matthew Headrick
Associate Professor of Physics
String theory and related areas of quantum field theory, general relativity, geometry, and quantum information theory.

Liz Hedstrom

Peter HellerPeter Heller
Professor Emeritus of Physics
Physics Education

Judith Herzfeld

Timothy Hickey
Timothy J. Hickey
Professor of Computer Science
Educational Technology, Computer Science Education, 3D Game Design

Colleen Hitchcock
Colleen Hitchcock
Assistant Professor of Ecology
Community ecology, phenology and climate change

Pengyu Hong
Pengyu Hong
Associate Professor of Computer Science
Computational Systems BiologyHigh-Content Image Analysis

An HuangAn Huang
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Algebraic Geometry and Graph Theory

Kiyoshi IgusaKiyoshi Igusa
Professor of Mathematics
Geometric topology; homological algebra

Tijana IvanovicTijana Ivanovic
Assistant Professor of Biochemistry
Uncovering fundamental molecular mechanisms of virus translocation across biological membranes

Shantanu JadhavShantanu Jadhav
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Neural basis of cognition and behavior

Peter JordanPeter Jordan
Professor Emeritus of Chemistry
Statistical mechanics of membranes and of membrane transport. Electrostatic modeling of ion pores. Molecular dynamics. Theories of ionic solvation.

Sebastian Kadener
Associate Professor of Biology
Molecular Neurobiology and RNA metabolism

Don KatzDonald Katz
Professor of Psychology
Neural dynamics of gustatory perception and learning

Dorothee KernDorothee Kern
Professor of Biochemistry, Investigator, HHMI
Dynamics of enzymes. Magnetic resonance methods.

Lawrence KirschLawrence E. Kirsch
Professor Emeritus of Physics
High-energy physics

Dmitri KleinbockDmitry Kleinbock
Professor of Mathematics
Dynamics; Lie groups; number theory

Jane KondevJané Kondev
Professor of Physics
Application of condensed matter physics models to problems in molecular and cell biology. Regulation of gene expression and chromosome structure.

Melissa Kosinski-CollinsMelissa Kosinski-Collins
Professor of Biology
Protein Biochemistry and Biology Education

Isaac KraussIsaac Krauss
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Directed evolution, glycobiology, organic synthesis

Margie Lachman
Minnie and Harold Fierman Professor of Psychology
Life-span development; midlife; aging; sense of control; adult personality; memory; health-promoting behaviors; intervention research to improve cognitive and physical functioning.

James Lackner
Meshulam and Judith Riklis Professor of Physiology
Spatial orientation. Human movement control. Adaptation to unusual force environments.

Elaine Lai
Senior Lecturer and Senior Scientist in Biology
Gene expression and cell differentiation. Cell death. Nutrition, lifestyle and diabetes.

Nelson Lau
Visiting Research Professor of Biology
Gene and genome regulation by RNAi and small RNAs.

Albion LawrenceAlbion Lawrence
Professor of Physics
Quantum field theory, quantum gravity, and string theory, and their applications to particle physics and cosmology.

Amy S.Y. Lee
Assistant Professor of Biology
mRNA translation in cellular differentiation and disease.

Bong LianBong Lian
Professor of Mathematics
Representation Theory, Calabi-Yau Geometry, String Theory.

Xiaodong LiuXiaodong Liu
Associate Professor of Psychology
Applied Statistics: linear and non-linear Multi-level modeling / HLM, SEM, General & Generalized Linear Modeling.

Susan LovettSusan Lovett
Abraham S. and Gertrude Burg Professor of Microbiology
Genetics and molecular biology of bacteria and yeast.

Harry MairsonHarry Mairson
Professor of Computer Science
Logic in computer science. Lambda calculus and functional programming.

Sophia MalamudSophia Malamud
Associate Professor of Language and Linguistics
Linguistics, semantics, pragmatics, mathematical linguistics, game and decision theory, language acquisition

Eve MarderEve Marder
Victor and Gwendolyn Beinfield Professor of Neuroscience
Modulation of Neural Networks

Michael MarrMichael Marr
Associate Professor of Biology
Mechanisms controlling gene expression

Kristen MascallKristen Mascall
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Chemical education. Organic synthesis. Medicinal chemistry.

Konstantin MatveevKonstantin Matveev
Instructor in Mathematics
Probability and Algebraic Combinatorics

mayer100Alan Mayer
Professor of Mathematics
Classical Algebraic Geometry, Commutative Algebra

Marie MeteerMarie M. Meteer
Associate Professor of the Practice of Language and Linguistics
Speech recognition, natural language processing, analysis of unstructured data, and search

Keith MerrillKeith Merrill
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Undergraduate education in mathematics

Robert MeyerRobert Meyer
Professor Emeritus of Physics
Physics of liquid crystals, colloids, and polymer gels

Chris MillerChristopher Miller
Professor of Biochemistry
Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Structure and Mechanism of Ion Channels and Transporters

Paul Miller
Paul Miller
Associate Professor of Biology
Computational and theoretical neuroscience

James Morris
James Morris
Professor of Biology
Evolution. Medicine. Epigenetics. History of science.

Sacha NelsonSacha Nelson
Gyula and Katica Tauber Professor of Life Science
Physiological genomics of the mammalian neocortex

Claudia Novack-JonesClaudia Novack
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Undergraduate chemistry education

Daniel OprianDaniel Oprian
Louis and Bessie Rosenfield Professor of Biochemistry
Structure-function studies of visual pigments and other cell surface receptors.

Maria-Eirini PandeliaMaria-Eirini Pandelia
Assistant Professor of Biochemistry
Metal-containing enzymes, Mössbauer and EPR spectroscopies

Olga PapaemmanouilOlga Papaemmanouil
Associate Professor of Computer Science
Distributed data management, databases, cloud computing, stream processing

SuzanneSuzanne Paradis
Associate Professor of Biology
Molecular mechanisms of synaptic development.

Susan ParkerSusan Parker
Professor Emerita of Mathematics

Dan L. PerlmanDan L. Perlman
Associate Professor of Biology
Associate Provost for the Assessment of Student Learning
Ecology, conservation biology, animal behavior

Bjorn Penning

Bjoern Penning
Assistant Professor of Physics
Experimental Dark Matter (DM) searches and DM phenomenology

Bjoern Penning

Gregory Petsko
Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry & Chemistry

 crystallographic analysis of protein structure and enzyme mechanisms.

Thomas PochapskyThomas Pochapsky
Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Biological redox enzymes structure and mechanism.

Jordan Pollack
Jordan Pollack
Professor of Computer Science
Artificial intelligence. neural networks. machine learning. evolutionary computation. artificial life

Joan PressJoan Press
Associate Professor of Biology
Developmental immunology and immunogenetics.

James PustejovskyJames Pustejovsky
TJX Feldberg Professor of Computer Science
Computational linguistics, lexical semantics, generative lexicon theory, qualitative temporal and spatial reasoning, TimeML and ISO-Space, machine learning and language annotation

Alfred Redfield
Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Physics
Studies of Macromolecules by Magnetic Resonance

Ruibao Ren
Professor of Biology
Signal transduction.

Dagmar Ringe
Professor of Biochemistry and Chemistry
Structures of enzymes and enzyme-substrate complexes.

David H. Roberts
William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor Emeritus of Astrophysics
High resolution astronomical observations of active galaxies

Avital Rodal
Associate Professor of Biology
Endosomal Membrane Traffic in Neurons

wbrogers-profile-pic-3-100W. Benjamin Rodgers
Assistant Professor
Martin A. Fisher School of Physics
Self-assembly process

Michael Rosbash
Professor of Biology
Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
RNA processing Genes and mechanisms that underlie circadian rhythms.

ruberman100Daniel Ruberman
Professor of Mathematics
Geometic Topology, Gauge Theory

salas100R. Pito Salas
Associate Professor of the Practice of Computer Science
Entrepreneurship, Software development methodologies, Large scale software systems architectures, User interface and User experience.

Klaus Schmidt-Rohr
Professor of Chemistry
Solid-state NMR and structure determination of complex materials

Howard J. Schnitzer
Edward and Gertrude Swartz Professor of Theoretical Physics
String theory, supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory, N=8 supergravity, conformal and topological field theories, other aspects of quantum field theory

sciolla100Gabriella Sciolla
Professor of Physics
Experimental particle physics

Robert Sekuler
Louis and Frances Salvage Professor of Psychology
Visual perception. Cognitive processes.

Piali Sengupta
Professor of Neurobiology
Behavioral and neuronal development in C. elegans.

Neil Simister
Associate Professor of Biology
Molecular immunology. Antibody transport.

shrira100Liuba Shrira
Professor of Computer Science
Distributed systems, reliable and scalable storage systems.

Barry Snider
Charles A. Breskin Professor of Organic Chemistry
Synthesis of natural products

Hannah SnyderHannah Snyder
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Executive function

storer100James A. Storer
Professor of Computer Science
Computer algorithms. data compression, communications, and archiving (including text, images, video, and multi-media). Image retrieval and classification, object recognition, parallel computing.

Timothy StreetTimothy Street
Assistant Professor of Biochemistry
Molecular chaperones and protein folding

Douglas Theobald
Associate Professor of Biochemistry
Structural bioinformatics analysis of telomeric complexes, integrating X-ray crystallographic structure determination, molecular evolution, and structure-function studies.

torrey100Rebecca Torrey
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Number theory; undergraduate education

Jonathan Touboul
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Modeling and mathematical analysis of systems inspired by brain’s activity

Judith Tsipis
Professor of Biology
Genetic counseling

Gina Turrigiano
Joseph Levitan Professor of Vision Science
Plasticity of the synaptic and intrinsic properties of cortical neurons

Stephen Van Hooser
Associate Professor of Biology
Development and function of cortical circuits

Lawrence Wangh
Professor of Biology

John WardleJohn F.C. Wardle
Professor of Astrophysics
Head, Division of Science
Extragalactic radio sources and especially the nuclei of quasars

Hermann Wellenstein
Hermann F. Wellenstein
Professor Emeritus of Physics
High-energy physics

Kalpana White
Professor Emerita of Biology
Neural Development

Arthur Wingfield
Nancy Lurie Marks Professor Emeritus of Neuroscience
Human memory and cognition in aging. Speech comprehension and memory for speech.

Rachel WoodruffRachel Woodruff
Assistant Professor in Biology
Teaching Genetics and Genomic and Molecular Biotechnology

Bing XuBing Xu
Professor of Chemistry
Biomaterials and Self-assembly

Bert XueNianwen Xue
Associate Professor of Language and Linguistics in the Department of Computer Science
Linguistics including syntactic, semantic, temporal and discourse annotation, semantic-role labeling and Machine Translation